The Wolves Share Hunting Tips

brother wear the coat with thick fur
warm enough to keep out
the empty chill of space
black and bright as the night sky
and sister wear yours of bright gold
over your shoulders feel your desire 
for the light to crack 
crescendoing down your back
stalk your prey
across the stars
leaping over them
like celestial stepping stones
run to the edge of the horizon
keep your head down 
ears flat be like a whisper
in the long grass
howl and strike
tear the silver wings of the Moon
see Her limping ahead
winking out
climb the sun-beam
snap your jaws
at the Sun’s horses
snap their bones with your teeth
when Ragnarök finally
finally comes
take your first bite
make the sky run red
blot out the Sun
swallow the Moon whole

This poem is part of my “Field Guide to Norse Mythology” series. It first appeared in Honeyguide Literary Magazine, Issue 2, “Mythical Creatures,” and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.


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